Ripberger Internship

Who should read this:

  • Students interested in an exciting Hatchery-related project
  • People wanting to donate money to the Ripberger Internship Fund (see bottom of this page)

Ripberger Memorial Internship
The Friends group has set up a Robert & June Ripberger Internship Fund as a small token of our appreciation for their 70+ years of being active participants in many organizations including The New York State Conservation Council, the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency, the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and working directly on many important legislative efforts (e.g. bow hunting, etc.) that many of us probably take for granted to this day.

Internship Description, Purpose and History
Internship Qualifications: This internship is open to any student presently enrolled in any accredited College or Technical Institute, and who has an interest in Fish Hatchery Operations, Historical Documentation, and Videography.

And who meets the following criteria:

  1. Candidate maintains a grade point average of 2.500 or greater (on a 4.000 scale).
  2. Candidate must be a U.S. Citizens, and either a resident of Onondaga County or a member of one of the clubs represented by the Onondaga County Federation Of Sportsmen Clubs for at least one year; but may attend college anywhere.
  3. Candidate must display enthusiasm towards their field of study and fisheries.
  4. Prior experience in any organization that is associated with the outdoor sports, conservation or wildlife will be helpful. Experience with historical research, historical documentation, and video interviews is also helpful.

Candidates meeting the above criteria as identified through their application may be required to have a personal interview. Preference will be given to outstanding students who will remain local to Onondaga County throughout the summer so that they can complete their projects on a timely basis.

In years that we support special projects, the Friends of Carpenter’s Brook may award 1 internship project that provides a stipend of up to $1,200.

The internship winner is expected to contribute a minimum of 150 hours (during a time period deemed appropriate by the Friends group, and usually limited to a six month period of time).


Money donated using the below payment button will be applied directly to the Ripberger Internship:

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