Volunteering is fun and rewarding!

Enjoy the benefits people get from being with other people, staying active, and above all having a sense of value in society that may not be as clear in other areas of life. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Mowing (we will teach people to use the hatchery tractor & small mower to accomplish this) & weed-eating. Some flower bed care is also very much appreciated.
  • Repair of Catwalks, nets, belt feeders, aerators, etc.
  • Inventory of hatchery property and general building cleaning.
  • Power washing of round ponds and raceways as they are emptied.
  • Help staffing the “Time Out To Fish” Pond on Saturday mornings.
  • Splitting fish from some raceways to other ponds for the summer once we have stocking completed.
  • Stocking fish in Central New York lakes and streams.

For more information on what needs the Hatchery is currently facing, please contact the Hatchery.

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